Neighborhood Gardens

Over  40 gardens, 400 gardeners and growing.

Neighborhood Garden Map

Our gardens span Worcester, from x neighborhood to x neighborhood. 

Check out our interactive map to find a neighborhood garden near you.


How do I join a neighborhood garden?

Email with your location / how far you are able to travel, and we will connect you to the coordinator at a garden closest to you!


Our network of community gardens are typically pretty full, and may not have open plots or may have their own waiting list already in place- this is pretty varied from garden to garden. If there isn’t an open garden near you, it’s a great reason to start one! (see below)


How To Start a Neighborhood Garden

How many people do I need?

Any group of at least 3 to 5 committed people can build a community garden. They can be part of an organized group or can just be an informal group of friends, neighbors, or relatives. Organized groups that have started community gardens in Worcester include neighborhood associations, churches, nonprofit organizations and programs, and youth groups.

What are some considerations for picking a location?


Can I start a neighborhood garden if I'm brand new to gardening?


What will I need for resources and materials?


What kind of costs are associated with starting a neighborhood garden?


Who should I contact if I have questions?


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